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Kids books in Russian language

Our store sells Russian children's literature of different ages. The bookstore Colibri offers a wide choice of russian books for babies, russkie knigi. Children's books in Russian help to learn Russian easily. Starting from age 1 year young children like colorful and nice pictures of their favorite characters from Russian cartoons. These books are an excellent teaching aid for children to learn the Russian language at an early age. Our books & toys make learning Russian alphabet easy and fun and children will enjoy learning about the Russian culture and language!

We offer a wide range of kids books by Russian and foreign authors as well as educational materials and various tests for Russian-speaking children. We also carry musical books for kids voiced by well-known Russian and Soviet artists and writers.

We offer the favorite characters from Russian cartoons: Cheburashka, Gena The Crocodile, Russian Winnie The Pooh, Masha And The Bear, Matroskin the cat. Those toys bring happiness and a lot of fun!

Wooden toys are classic among children's toys. Material "wood" gives a comfy feeling of comfort and peace. That is why the wooden toys so enjoyable for playing. The history of the production of wooden toys began in antique time. When our ancestors carved the simple wooden figures for kids' games. Modern wooden toys still very popular, as they are made from environmentally friendly and natural material the wood. They are pleasant to touching, ideal for little hands, develop tactile and fine motor skills, and bring the children a genuine pleasure.

Wooden baby toys are not only toys which teach kids to compare, consider, develop observation skills and fine motor skills. Long ago, Russian nesting doll has become one of the most popular gift items in the world. Big-eyed beauties in colorful sundresses will decorate the room and bring a lot of fun in the children's games. They are pleasant for touching and excellent fit for little hands.

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